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Stacked masks and distribution shaders
« on: August 07, 2017, 09:02:54 AM »
Hello everyone.
I've run into a little problem. The situation is the following (see the attachment for the node network):

I have a terrain that's basically a plateau with a mountain on top and flat terrain around it (Compute Terrain node at the top). Then I use two Strata and Outcrops shader to get terraces on the mountain on the plateau. To restrict these terraces, I use a distribution shader with a minimum altitude of slightly less than the plateau height. Additionally I masked this distribution shader with a simple shaper shader. So far no problems. Then I also added some additional fractal terrain to get rid of the flat terrain in the distance. I masked that one but it still changes the plateau somewhat.

Now I want to add color only to the terraces of my plateau, so I use another distribution shader that limits the slope but I also mask it with the first distribution shader so that it's limited to the plateau. That's also working perfectly fine.
But now I want to add another color, masked with an image shader, but also limited to the terraces. So I figured, I'd just mask the image shader with the second distribution shader but then the image shader returns a fully black mask. The image shader works without mask, so I'm pretty sure it's properly configured. And the weird thing is that it also works when I don't mask the second distribution shader and I have no idea why.

Any help or explanation would be great. Thank you :)

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Re: Stacked masks and distribution shaders
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 06:58:40 AM »
Try to uncheck 'fit to this'. And did you set the image mask to repeat in X and Y? Or you could put the image mask as child on a surface shader and mask that by the distribution shader. Output of that surface shader masking the base colors.
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