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Askath and moons from orbit
« on: August 05, 2017, 08:28:17 AM »
Hi, folks! I don't post much, but after trying out TG 4.1.11, I thought I'd share my ongoing project. This fictional planet and its two moons have been the focus of many of my hobbies for years, and thanks to TG and a number of much more talented people, I've been able to bring it to life, so to speak. I hope to eventually share closer images, but for now, a long-range orbital shot will do. My compliments to whoever added the "view from space" lighting preset to the cloud layer!

Credit where it's due:

Background is dandelO's Night Sky Toggle v3.
Moon textures and displacement were generated from solarforge's Procedural Moon shader for Blender and baked out.
Cloud map is John van Vliet's 16K Earth cloud map from the Celestia Motherlode.
TG node setup was largely based on bigben's very impressive work.
Planet color and displacement maps are original, but created with invaluable advice from the folks at Cartographers' Guild.