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Re: Where to start! Beginner Questions
« Reply #15 on: July 06, 2017, 08:35:22 PM »
There are several ways to do that; either make your own (Photoshop) 16-bit greyscale heightmaps, imported as image map shader, and used for displacement or mapping. Or kneed a mountain in another software and make a vector displacement map, import and vector displace it. Or use the painted shader (or warped simple shapes) to shape certain parts in TG itself (warped simple shapes are good for rivers, e.g.). And after adding a compute terrain, you can laterally displace the terrain by internal power fractal masks, or painted masks, or imported greyscale maps.
But TG doesn't work like ZBrush.
Or have a little patience (can't say more).

Interesting, I didn't know that was the way! Complete opposite to World Machine. BTW, Dune... your terragen pieces are amazing :) Very inspirational!

Is there a way to carve out or shape a certain area? (ex:create canyons and rivers, or shape mountains in a certain formation)

Search create canyon

I don't actually ever hang in a forum so sorry for my lack of understanding how a forum functions! I will search more often for answers to my next questions! :)

For vegetation, the most accessible is the file sharing section here. My longstanding gripe is that the forum is not really suitable to present this very well, it's not easy to search and sometimes you can't tell the quality of the models until you've played with them, but there is a lot of stuff there now, the bulk of it for free for personal use. Oh and don't forget NWDA (, some well priced models and entire project files and there are even free assets on offer.

And welcome, this is a friendly place you'll find... ;)

Thank you, Otakar! I haven't gone searching around yet but I will from now on and see what I can get out of it. Vegetation seems to be the nitty gritty to making some of the scenes on the site realistically amazing!

I did end up getting Speedtree. I need to mess around with it to come up with some unique alien vegetation assets soon.

You guys have been awesome! Thanks everyone