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Hi everyone,

It's good to see a healthy number of posts here in the animation forum. I thought I would ask if anyone has any feedback about the animation panel, with the curve editor and dopesheet, introduced in v2.4.

Have you used it? If you have what would you like to see added or improved?

Have you created animations without using it? Is there anything preventing you from using it?

Have you checked out the documentation for the animation module? You can find it here:

We still have a lot we want to do with the animation module and related tools. What we have now is intended to be useful basics and something to build from. There are some obvious things to be added, such as being able to edit motion paths directly in the 3D Preview and having a spline in the curve editor which lets you edit tangents. However it would be great to hear any feedback you have about the animation module tools which are new in v2.4.



I did when it first came out, but have been learning about three other things in the meantime.  This means no quality time with the TG2.  But, I like this documentation and will sort some of this out in the next week.  It looks good.

I've been using it mainly to copy-past keyframes at periodic frames. For examples every 100 frames I will change the camera blur value for a duration of 10 frames and get back to the original value. It's pretty handy for a 2000 frame animation.

I also like the fact that it is possible to choose the type of interpolation between frames.

Keep up the great work guys!!!

lat 64:
I just now jumped in with both feet into the animation panel. I found I love it for diagnosing what I did wrong on anything.
I found it very useful when matching animations from more than one object—like moving an object along the same path as a light source.
My posts are usually intended for new users because I am one so I suggest opening a panel after you make some animation to study it. This way you can watch the correlation and then start to really "mess" things up ;D


Couple of comments:

The keyframes are extremely difficult to grab onto.  You have to click exactly on them to move them around and I often find myself repeatedly clicking on them trying to hit just the right spot.  Either increase the size of the keyframe dot or expand the area around it sensitive to the mouse. 

Jump to next keyframe button needed.  (or at least I didn't see it)

As near as I can tell these curves don't have any kind of handles on them to adjust the TCB.  This makes smoothing out animations difficult because you need to add keys to force the curve to do what you want which can create other problems. 

Having to activate a channel before you can edit it first is a pain.  If I can see a point on any curve, I should be able to grab it and move it.  Having to click on the appropriate channel letter first and then going back to the curve editor after to move the key slows down the workflow with a lot of unneeded mouse clicking back and forth between the channel box and graph editor. 

Hot keys, similar to Maya's animation editor would be great.  In fact, as Maya has become an industry standard for animation, copying their hot keys would be useful and intuitive to animators, so for example highlighting a key, hitting W, (for translate) and then moving the key without having to then again click right on it would be awesome.  Having the option to constrain to an axis by hitting the CTRL key would be useful too. 

Overall the editor gets the job done but it just feels very basic and lacks the polish and depth found in other packages.  I'd rather see other things in TG added first, like wind effectors on plants, but since you asked for feedback that's my $.02 for what it's worth. 



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